Welcome back to Knights of the Round Table. We introduce one of our newest coaches; Josh.

Club Position: Community Coach and Kit Man

Number: 5

Playing position: PG

Height: 5’9 ½’’

Age: 23

When did you start playing basketball? 2004 in schools 2008 for a club

Who is your favourite basketball player? Steve Nash

What is your biggest achievement so far in basketball? Winning the league for my college or Becoming  Captain of my University Team

Which NBA team do you support? Phoenix Suns

What do you want to achieve in basketball for the future? I want to be involved in England Programmes as a coach. Potentially even taking my coaching over to the US

What are your personal goals for this season? I want to work on further my knowledge as a coach. As a player I want to looking to score more as well as assist rather than always looking to pass.

What do you think the team goals are for the season? I would like to increase the level of performance in my teams this year. I am looking for the U12s to make the semi-finals of CVL. The U9s, I want to have a 20 point game by the end of the season and hopefully cause an upset in the playoffs against an A division team.

What is your favourite basketball shoe? The best shoe I have work would be the Nike KD 3

What hobbies do you have away from basketball? I am addicted to several TV Series but I also enjoy going mountain biking and spending time with mates in the area and around the country.

If you could choose any job in the world expect be a basketball coach what would it be? I would be the next David Attenborough.

What is your biggest strength as a player? I am very intensive on defense and will back myself to put pressure on any other player that comes up against me.

Pre Game Song? Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Well good luck to you this season Josh and hope you achieve all you want.

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