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Sponsor Knights

Knights Basketball deliver one of the largest basketball programmes in the UK. We are currently searching for sponsors who identify with our core values and are wanting to support and benefit from a partnership with our rapidly expanding community organisation.

A few facts about the Knights programme:

  • We are a community basketball club that provides the highest quality basketball programme, accessible to players of all ages and abilities.
  • We provide expert training, coaching and competitive opportunities at all levels
  • We reach more than 22,000 area families
  • We have more than 2,000 participants, age 5 – 50, with the primary focus on school age participants
  • We run 84 weekly sessions in 45 area schools (list provided as an addendum to this deck)
  • We have 18 teams in competition at school, county, regional and national levels
  • We have 12 coaches (8 full-time and 4 volunteers)
  • We are a trusted and respected sports and training brand, established in 2009 and growing in size and reputation every year
  • We have a fully developed and interactive website
  • We are completely active on social media with our own Facebook page and Twitter account
  • We have local and global partners including Under Armour, St. Mary’s University, Richmond School Sports Partnership and RISE/LBRuT Sports Development, among many others, that expand our reach and impact
  • Our players and their families are ambassadors for our programme and our sponsors



Sponsorship Opportunities

  • We offer formal sponsorship packages at three levels: Camelot, King Arthur and Excalibur

Camelot: Sponsor our entire basketball delivery programme

King Arthur: Sponsor a section of our programme, e.g. National League Teams, Wheelchair Basketball

Excalibur: Sponsor an individual team, tournament, tour or event



  • We can tailor a sponsorship offering to your business, your brand and your marketing goals, and are open to new and creative sponsorship ideas
  • We value our sponsors and partnerships highly and work to maintain and grow our relationships and their success
  • Regular brand exposure both broadly to the greater Richmond and North Surrey community and specifically to your defined consumers
  • Expanded customer base with goodwill for your business within the community
  • Targeted marketing: children, teenagers, young adults, adults/parents, sports/health and lifestyle enthusiasts
  • Direct non-profit support (select sponsorships)
  • Opportunity to develop and/or tailor an event that enables maximum exposure for your brand
  • Partnering with an established organisation whose values include: Enthusiasm, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Leadership and Teamwork

Contact Information

Please contact one of the following if you would like further information or you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities:

Phil Sheldon

James Merchant

  • 0208 797 0477
  • JamesM@KnightsBasketball.co.uk