Operated by Surrey Basketball, the Surrey CVL is a regional league ranging from under-10 to under-18

  • All fixtures take place at the same venue every 3-4 weeks (dependent on league schedule – teams may have more than 1 game on any fixture day).
  • Once the league fixtures for the season are complete, teams enter the ‘playoffs,’ a knock-out format culminating in a playoff finals day in May.
  • League fixtures, results and standings can be found on the Surrey Basketball League website.
  • Knights use CVL as a valuable development environment for young/newer players as rules encourage participation and all players are guaranteed game-time. 
  • CVL teams train twice per week. One session is a team training session with their head coach, the other session is a community open session with a variety of Knights coaches.
  • Our Senior Ladies and Senior Mens 2 compete in their respective Surrey Leagues which are run by SBA but are not Central-Venue leagues and instead have a home and away game structure. Our home games take place on our training nights with away games at the discretion of the opposition, either mid-week or at the weekends.

Click on the links below to see each of our CVL teams:

U9 Boys

U10 Boys East

U10 Boys West

U10 Girls

U11 Boys East

U11 Boys West

U12 Girls

U12 Boys East

U12 Boys West

U13 Girls

U14 Boys East

U14 Boys West

U16 Boys East

U16 Boys West

Senior Ladies

Senior Men’s II