Our inaugural Elite Camp was a huge success that helped some of our elite members in the club get access to incredibly high-level coaches throughout the week, as well as have talks and workshops from physiotherapists, nutritionists and strength & conditioners.

Guest coaches included Adam Davies (England U16 Assistant Coach) and Gary Maitland (Pure Sweat Skills Coach) who came to the camp to share their knowledge and experience with the 40 players who took part. Working on individual skills at game speed and a high intensity before transferring them into game realistic situations, making sure every action has a purpose and is taken with a purpose. Exploring new technical and tactical decisions that will make each player better on the court and in turn make their teammates better. Both Gary and Adam instilled a sense of pride in the young athletes making them put 110% into every single action they took throughout the week as well as push themselves past their limits to ultimately improve as they aim for that elite level.

We also had Steve Bosworth (Physiotherapist), Kasra Ghaharian (Nutritionist) and Jude Kai (Strength & Conditioner) deliver interactive and practical workshops throughout the week at the camp. This was aimed at teaching the players that not only does it take the technical and tactical skills to be elite but also the knowledge on how your body works, improves and recovers as well. From how you should be fueling your body to how you should be recovering after training or games. Showing the young athletes that work needs to be put in without the basketball in order to become Elite.

Our first Knights Basketball Elite Camp was a major stepping stone for the players that took part and we look forward to seeing what Elite Camp 2019 will bring to the table.