Leadership Academy 2018-19

One of our aims at Knights is to develop our young players to succeed both on and off the basketball court. As part of our commitment to our players, we provide free Leadership Academy training and are pleased to be launching the programme for the 2018-19 season.

The objectives of this programme are:

  1. To provide our young players with training and experience that will develop their leadership skills both on and off the basketball court
  2. To enable our players to develop a greater understanding of the game.
  3. To develop the quality and quantity of coaches and officials within our club in order to continue our  success and meet the demands of our ambitious basketball development plans.

Starting from as young as year 6, members can work their way through the 5 stages of the programme, earning Knights clothing, credits towards sessions and even have the opportunity to be paid as Richmond Knights assistant coaches and head coaches. During the programme, Knights coaches will provide training and mentoring, as well as arranging Basketball England courses for our members to acquire NGB referee, table official and coach qualifications.

We are now inviting our Knights members in school years 7-10 to apply for our Leadership Academy Programme. If you would like to apply, please sign up here by the deadline of Friday 19th October. (Navigate to Courses > Leadership Academy 2018-19)

For this stage, leaders will need to commit to completing 4 x 2hr training modules and assist at 50hrs of Knights sessions and/or holiday camps.

Training Module 1 is booked in for Monday 22nd October, 3.00-5.00pm at Waldegrave School. If leaders cannot attend this then please still sign up as modules will be repeated.

The 5 stages of the RKBC Leadership Academy are as follows:

STAGE 1 JUNIOR LEADER Year 5/6 assisting at a lower school session Selection to Stage 2
STAGE 2 LEADER 50hrs volunteering (club/school sessions/holiday camps) Assist at 1 weekly School/Club Session Leader T-shirt (at start of programme)
Attend RKBC Coach Training Assist at Holiday camps Knights Lanyard & whistle (at start of programme)
Level 1 Ref/Table Official Official at School Tournaments and CVL/NL Games
DBS (if over 16)
STAGE 3 ASSISTANT COACH As above, plus: As above, plus: COACH T-Shirt/Polo
Level 1 Coach Assist at 1 weekly school/club session Credits towards RKBC sessions
Attend RKBC Coach Training Assist at Holiday camps
80hrs volunteering (club/school sessions/holiday camps) Deliver a component of a session
Level 2 Table Official
First Aid Qualification
Safeguarding & Protecting Children
STAGE 4 ASSISTANT HEAD COACH As above, plus: As above, plus: Shooting Shirt
Level 2 Coach Plan & Deliver components of each session  Hourly/Daily Coaching Pay Rate
Level 2 Referee
1 term School/Team Session placement & assessment
Assistant Coach/Official at CVL/NL Games
STAGE 5 HEAD COACH As above, plus: As above, plus: Coach Track-suit
Working towards Level 3 Coach Plan & Deliver Entire session/s Hourly/Daily Coaching Pay Rate
CPD Courses/qualifications Manage team of assistant coaches/leaders
Coach/Official at CVL/NL games