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Community Open Sessions – Knights Basketball

Knights Basketball deliver weekly ‘Open’ training sessions at our community venues across the borough for boys, girls, men, and ladies of all abilities.

  • New players are always welcome and can join at any time during the season.
  • Our sessions are divided into ability groups to allow players to develop at their own level.
  • Committed players can be selected from our club sessions to represent Richmond Knights teams in the Surrey and National Leagues.
  • Check out the information below to find the session that suits you (NB: EAST = sessions based at Christ’s School, Richmond – serving East Richmond Borough. i.e. Richmond, Shene, Mortlake, Barnes. WEST = sessions based at Waldegrave School or St Richard Reynolds School, Twickenham – serving West Richmond Borough (i.e. Twickenham, Teddington, Hampton, Whitton).

Diddy Dunkers: Twickenham (Ages 2.5-6)

Under-8 Open Session (school years 1-3)

Under-10 East Open Session (school years 3-5)

Under-10 West Open Session (school years 3-5)

Under-12 East Open Session (school years 6-7)

Under-12 West Open Session (school years 6-7)

Under-14 East Open Session (school years 8-9)

Under-14 West Open Session (school years 8-9)

Under-16 East Open Session (school years 10-11)

Under-16 West Open Session (school years 10-11)

Under-16 Girls Open Session (school years 6 to 11)

Mens Open Session (age 16+)

Wheelchair Basketball (all ages)